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North Scott Bans Trumpets!!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Earlier this week, the decision was made by the district to place a temporary ban on trumpets in our bands. The decision was made due to the fact that many parents were stepping forward and complaining.

The complaints began at the beginning of the school year, and have continued throughout the school year.

One parent who preferred to stay anonymous claims, “I can’t stand it, it’s all I hear since I bought that trumpet for my son.”

There were many others with similar arguments, to the point where paper petitions began circulating by parents. Some students even added on to this and signed the petition.

One student that was interviewed stated, “In my opinion, they aren't needed. They are just background noise, and they’re annoying.”

A survey was taken throughout the district that asked the question as to whether they are in the band program, or if they have children in the program. The results were shocking, only around 10% of parents who were surveyed had students in the program. Of those, only 3 had children who were trumpets.

So the question is, why have they been able to bring this ban to our district? One administrator said, “The reason for the temporary is because we have had so many complaints about this, that whether they are in the program or not we have to make a change.”

Those in the band program, especially the trumpets are in outrage. One trumpet player commented, “This is ridiculous, why should I have to change my instrument and completely learn a new one because people who aren't even in the program don't like it? Not to toot our horns here, but we need the trumpet section.”

The ban, although temporary, has become a huge outrage. They plan to put this ban into effect next Monday, and whether the ban stays in place is unknown.

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