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Prom Music Review

Unless this weekend went by like a flash, you have probably noticed that last Saturday was Prom. Now while I was certainly intent on having a good time, something was bothering me as I jammed to the beats on the boats. The music was, for lack of better terms, a little lacking this year. Now, this review isn’t going to necessarily be a comprehensive review of everything that was played that night because it was a strange selection of music. It seemed, to me at least, that there was a different selection of music depending on which part of the boat you were on. For example, I was on the highest level of the boat for a pretty long amount of time, and it seemed like for the most part the tunes up there were much more recent pop songs you’d find on radio stations like B100 or KISS-FM. That’s not a bad thing. I don't mind listening to these songs except they tried to add a backing beat to some songs that aren’t usually songs you’d consider “bangers.” The one that seems especially egregious was when they added one of these beats to the song ENEMY by Imagine Dragons. I like the song, but it just feels like something that was added later on and hurts the feel of the song. Although like I just said, that might just be because of the location of our seats, so I wouldn’t consider it much of a bash. All in all, when my group went down to the dance floor, I found the usual suspects you might find at this kind of dance. The Cupid Shuffle was there, and you can’t really complain about that. Honestly, Prom was good in spite of the music just because of the energy everyone brought to it and everyone that was there.

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