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Something to Stop For

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Have you ever walked the halls and felt like you could get around faster? Last year in response to Covid-19 the school changed its hallway policies and rules. The whole hallway system was turned into a one way system. This change wasn’t well received by many, with some students just disregarding the policy and most not even thinking about it when they left class for a water break. But the one way system did greatly improve traffic flow, and solved some hallway intersection problems. Administrators have seen how hallway traffic flows with the absence of one way, and feel it could be streamlined again.

In an effort to please everyone, a new hallway system will be introduced. Intersection stop lights will tackle the problem of intersections, while allowing folks to walk both ways. Now you may be thinking, won’t that slow people down even more? Well maybe. Alongside hallway stoplights comes a new policy though, the school is encouraging kids to sprint down the halls to make up time. With each hallway having a minimum hallway speed just like a highway. C hall may be the most daring place to travel now that it has a minimum walking speed of a junior.

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