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The Artist’s Vault

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

If you or your loved ones have interest in painting, drawing, printmaking, or more, check out the art studio in Eldridge known as the “Artist’s Vault.” This shop sells items, house décor, and paintings, and they also give classes to students who want more experience within the art community. 3rd through 8th grade students can use their imagination and creativity to learn to make masterpieces.

The Artist’s Vault, originally created by Julie Wall, is growing as Wall works both outside of and within her studio, creating positive connections within the art community. The Artist’s Vault is located on 208 N 2nd St. in downtown Eldridge, and the studio is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Wall has a lot more information about her and her studio on The Artist’s Vault website, and supporting her and her community will only make the community stronger. Reviews from customers claim that The Artist’s Vault is an “awesome business” with “fantastic art.”

The Artist’s Vault is an amazing place for anyone who loves art.

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