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Why Upperclassmen Should Be Able To Keep Their Phones In Class

Why can some students that are 18 get a tattoo, vote, get married, sign contracts, buy fireworks, drive at any time, and so much more, but can’t keep their phone (their property) in class? Students should be allowed to keep their phone on them during class, specifically juniors and seniors. Half of the seniors are 18 which means they are technically an adult, and for the other half of seniors, and juniors they are close to becoming an adult. The real question is why do teachers not let students keep their phones during class? 

Upperclassmen should be allowed to keep their phones in class.

Once becoming a junior or senior the majority of students are mature enough to keep their phones. Students having their phones during class gives them the chance to act like an adult instead of still being treated like a kid, so they can learn responsibility. This also gives students the chance to check things quickly if needed such as an important text from a parent, family member, or appointment times. If teachers take students' phones they can not respond to important messages that need to be answered or if they need to be informed about something important. 

Upperclassmen have enough responsibility that keeping their phones in class should not cause any problem. If a problem occurs with struggling in classes due to having their phone, then they can get called into p6 to get help 1 on 1. Another way to look at it is if they are failing a class due to their phone that is their own fault, and a responsibility they need to get under control. Then it is not the teachers fault if they are failing. Taking phones for a test is understandable since most students will have the temptation to cheat, but keeping phones in normal class or for a quiz should be completely fine. Another option for tests is having everything off their desk except for what is needed for the test, and having their phone flipped over on the corner of their desk, so students still have possession of it but can not cheat.

Another reason is in college professors do not take everyone's phone. North Scott High School is all about preparing us for college, yet our phones still get taken. Keeping our phones will give students an example of college, and how you will have distractions on your phone, but you have to pay attention to be able to pass the class. Keeping phones as an upperclassmen should be completely fine.

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