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Wordle is Ending

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The New York Times has decided to shut down Wordle after mass controversy over the misspelling of the word "stove" as "stoove."

Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, claimed that the error was not their fault. Wardle created Wordle as a fun game for their partner, and eventually, their friends started playing too. Before releasing Wordle, Wardle and his colleagues compiled a collection of five-letter words for Wordle. Wardle didn’t expect Wordle to become so popular, so to avoid stress, Wardle sold Wordle to The New York Times.

When The New York Times obtained Wordle, they edited the word list Wardle and his colleagues created for Wordle, and in doing so, they made an error and misspelled "stove."

On Wednesday, The New York Times released the Wordle like normal; however, the Wordle was "stoove," a misspelling of the word "stove." This error made fans confused and eventually angry as the error broke their Wordle streaks. The New York Times refused to keep people’s streaks, claiming that "stoove" was the correct spelling of the word. After people refused to accept that spelling, The New York Times decided that people didn’t deserve to enjoy the widespread word game, so they announced that Wordle is shutting down on April 3rd until people accept the spelling.

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