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Where We’re From: Class Poem

I am from frostbit smiles by a warm fire

And hot cocoa with half-melted marshmallows.

Woods filled with blackberries

Painting my fingertips wine red,

Salty white water rapids,

And lazy lakes one peak over from pike’s.

I’m from the nervous shuffling on frozen

Ground, mindful of the sting of a misstep.

I am from grease in the shop

That broke bones and tastes like oil

Where the smoke burns my lungs

As the blood pools around fresh wounds,

Overflowing with memories

Disguised as things.

From a young love filled with confusion

And lost like a child in a maze.

From judgemental stares and forgiving arms,

trying to show the way.

Home divided, the eldest of four

Daughter of love, sister of protection.

I am from sprints with my sisters

Down my grandmother’s spiral stairwell.

Life has me running around the bases

From second to third

From Krypton to Metropolis

Moving around state to state

East to West

School to school.

I am from

Not knowing where I am going

But knowing where I have been.

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