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How to protect yourself from Stalkers

Strange messages

If you have a stalker, the worst thing you can do is reply to someone you don’t know or reply to a strange email or text message. Even if it is an angry response that you think will make them back off (they WON'T), the safest thing you can do is to not reply to the message. 

Have a safety plan

You need to always have a plan in place when you go out, just in case something happens and you are not able to get home or to work on time you need to be able to. 

Use legal law enforcement to your advantage

If you feel the absolute need, you can call the police and give them your location so they can help you stay safe. That’s why they are there, so people can feel safe when walking the streets wherever they may be. 

Don’t keep it to yourself

In order for you to be safe, you need to let other people around you know what's going on. They can help you, especially if you feel so unsafe. They can help look out for and protect you. 

Stay in public areas

Limiting yourself from alone time will increase your chances of getting away safely if you are actively dealing with stalkers or someone who won’t stop following you. 

Have an escort at night if you feel unsafe by yourself

If you know that the person following you will follow you home, make sure you have a friend or family member walk you home, so that way you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder. Better yet you could go to a safer place such as the police department or fire rescue.

Trust your instincts

Most of the scenarios you encounter in life are going to be either scary or not at all but if you have a gut feeling that you should hide from someone or that something bad is going to happen, you need to trust that feeling.  Most of the time that specific feeling is the one that is trying to keep you the safest. 

Always carry your phone or device with you

If necessary, you need to have your phone with you and fully charged so that way you can safely call for help if they keep stalking you and won’t stop after multiple efforts to evade them. 

Change up your transportation

If your stalker knows you well, they will know the exact form of transportation you like to use and the route you take home after work or school. 

Online activity can be stalked too

Whatever you post online can be traced back to you and your stalker may know this so they may try to find whatever recent post of yours is up so they can try to decipher your exact location more or how to haunt you better, they may go as far as even some blackmail. 

Self-Defense if necessary

If it gets to the point where it gets really bad and if the worst-case opportunity happens, you might want to think about taking self-defense classes. That way, you have something to defend yourself with and you can use the tactics you learn in that class to keep yourself safe, even if it means facing danger head-on.

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