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The Best Part About Senior Year

Updated: May 21

Be the senior that everyone can depend on. There is nothing more rewarding and heartwarming than being the upperclassman that underclassmen can feel they depend on and come to.

As the year comes to an end graduation creeps closer for the seniors, and next year's seniors are nervous for the following year. This article will go over some of this year’s senior's best and worst times being a senior. Being at the top of the school can come with advantages and disadvantages.

I think my favorite part of senior year is coming to school only on A-days, this made the week feel shorter. On a-days you only have to come in for one course, meaning your day is no longer than 70 minutes.

A lot of people enjoyed the open blocks and not having a full day of school, this gives you a lot more time to be home or even work, this open periods help with transitioning you to spend your time out of school all the time. Your day can be open by just picking the required classes, English, Finances, and a fitness class are the only classes that you really have to worry about throughout the year. 

The memories and time with friends are important too. The time you spend with your friends will live on with you forever. This is your last chance to do everything you wanted to do in Highschool and you may never see your peers again after you graduate. Make your senior year the best you can, join clubs, participate in spirit activities, and play in the band for a play. 

Even with a great senior year, there are bound to be some bad things that come too. While others let the school year just… happen, others found the bad things that come with seniors. "Where’s my hug at", and the senioritis kicks in early, your grades can drop and plunge your GPA into the ground. Some sentimental things can be sad too like the last things you do. Seniors are put under the most stress though especially with seniorits, from choosing their colleges and scholarships to getting their assignments done before leaving. I think stress is definitely one of the worst but the drama can be even more stressful.

Your senior year can be enjoyable and stressful but you have to be able to work around it. This is your last year don’t rush through it because one day you will miss it. Some suggestions and tips to pass on from the seniors, do not take a ton of classes but if you do make sure they are beneficial to your upcoming college years or your future in life. Start your college applications and scholarships early it will help with the big college bill afterward. Do not get involved in stupid drama, work on yourself and find what your next steps are this is a year to focus on yourself. The most important thing is to be the senior that the lower classmen can depend on, remember the senior that helped you through everything and was kind when they did not have to be.

As a closure remember that this is your last year of grade school, be yourself and be the best person you can be. Pick the classes that work the best for you and have the most impact on your future. Megan Thompson also posted an article this week with advice from this same senior class that might also help with your future as a senior. 

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I really enjoyed the Google sheet with all the responces. It was fun and enjoyable to read. I liked being able to see other seniors advice as well as their favorite part of senior year.

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