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Unveiling the Cinematic Charisma: Exploring the Popularity and Impact of the Movie Saltburn

From the power of social media, there are constantly new trends and pieces of media that can take over the internet for months or even years. There has been one movie in particular that has made fan's jaws drop. From the young talented cast to the wonderful female director, the movie Saltburn was destined to be great. But what made its popularity skyrocket?

"Three years after the success of Promising Young Woman, Fennell is back with her newest feature, and I am happy to say that it does not disappoint." -- Clotilde Chinnici

The movie takes place in England in the late 2000s, where we are introduced to Oliver Quick—a somewhat shy and nerdy Oxford student. Oliver sees another man named Felix; who is the complete opposite of him. We see Felix is surrounded both by men and women and is striking in appearance. The two eventually meet when Oliver offers him his bicycle to get to class, which ultimately begins a friendship between the two. As the two become more close, Felix invites Oliver to his family's estate named “Saltburn.”

This is where we begin to see a change in Oliver's character. Without spoiling you, throughout the rest of the movie, we see Oliver partake in uncomfortable provocative scenes that make some viewer's stomachs turn. That is part of what makes this movie what it is, jarring moments like these that shock the audience every time. Moments like these turn into popular trends on social media such as letting older people react to these awkward scenes.

The movie does a wonderful job of displaying things such as music and appearance that catch the audience's attention. The rise of the already popular song “Murder on the Dancefloor” --by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, was displayed in the film and has since been trending all over social media. Along with this, other notable trends such as an eyebrow piercing or even the way the characters dress have also been apparent. This undeniable influence creates mass popularity for the film, which inspires others to watch it as well.

The movie Saltburn was like one that I've never seen. I enjoyed both the creative plot and eye-catching ideas. This movie is a wonderfully done film that will have you at the edge of your seat, I recommend you give it a watch. 

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